Impulse Buy Indeed

27 01 2007

This afternoon I drove to my brother’s Volvo dealership in Ashburn to pick up some tickets for the Washington DC Auto Show. Upon arrival I found out he wasn’t in and was having lunch with my cousin who had bought a Volvo S40 that morning:

“I’ll be back in fifteen minutes,” he said, “I’ll meet you there. In the meantime, check out the white GTI that’s in the used car lot—came in yesterday as a trade-in.”

I pulled into the dealership’s used car lot and there it was. A white, 2006 VW GTI with Package #2 (leather, dual-zone climate control, sunroof, sat radio), and 18″ Hufweisen alloys:

If you know me, this is exactly the car I’ve been eyeing for months—spec’d out with exactly the options I wanted (I was debating either red or white). Apparently the gentleman that so graciously bought the car for his wife thinking it was what she wanted had to buy her a Volvo S40 since he made a huge mistake. The car was so new to the lot it wasn’t priced out yet, but I told my brother I would be interested if the price was right (the car brand new would sticker around $27,000—KBB for this particular year/options/mileage = $23,000).

One of the used car dealers recognized me from when I bartended the dealership’s office party and we chatted about the car. She ran in and grabbed the keys so I could take it for a spin. She also came out with a price quote of $21,500. Pretty good! I’m definitely interested now…

After a little spin around the neighborhood and meeting up with my brother, we brought the GTI into the shop for inspection.


  • Cracked windshield (Volvo will replace it before sale).
  • Small ding (about a dime’s size) on the front fender.
  • Two decals on the rear window (some radio station and an Apple, Inc. logo).

After a little post-inspection haggling, the sales manager offered it up for an even $21,000. Knowing they could turn around a car in this condition for much more, I decided that the picky wife’s loss was going to be my gain. I bought the car.

Hmph. I’ll be damned. I was just here for auto show tickets.

I’ve already got everything in order—waiting on a check from the bank and insurance stuff to come through—but I’m excited!

The car should be ready on Monday or Tuesday, and the following mods are already planned:

  • Tint (this will already be done actually on the day I pick it up)
  • Front plate removal (illegal schmillegal!)
  • Euro headlight switch (deactivates DRL, increased control of lighting functions)

One item still up for debate: Do I keep the Apple decal? 😛

Pictures and updates to come upon pickup of the new whip!

P.S. Added bonus, my prophecy came true (albeit after a year).

P.P.S. Ahhh! I can’t wait!




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