There No Hot Water

25 10 2007

So I’m at the gym today, and afterwards I go for a steam and then head for the showers like usual. Same-old same-old so far, nothing out of the ordinary.

I turn on the shower, and it only spits out cold water, so I run across to another. Again, no hot water.

I go to another.

Then another.

FINALLY, after trying a fifth shower, the custodian watching me hop from stall to stall completely butt naked says, ‘There no hot water. Only cold. Sorry.’

Motherfucker came this close to getting towel whipped. THIS close.




2 responses

1 11 2007

this blog sucks ass. tits or GTFO.

6 12 2007

Is 4chan down? It’s rare that a /b/tard comes out of the cave that is his mom’s basement.

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