My Baby Is Sick! The Horror!

6 11 2007

Remember my red Jetta? Well Bianca was in the shop at Lindsay VW for a new radiator hose and was ready for pickup today. So I take Jake (my new GTI) to go get her. I’m on Wilson (by Eden Center—think big Asian strip mall of stupidity), coasting to a red light, when some dumb old Asian woman pulls out of a shopping center to my right and rams into the side of my car.

I saw her out of the corner of my eye and try to swerve away and speed up to avoid her, honking my horn (multi-tasking, what?) to no avail. I don’t manage to avoid impending doom but I was able to minimize the impact and bring it to the rear of my car as opposed to getting t-boned.

Everyone’s alright and we call the cops. She calls some relative to help her translate since she no speaky the English and before they leave I make sure that when it comes time to talking to insurance, they’re ready to admit fault. I’m assured that the lady knows she hit me and that it’s her fault, but we’ll see once their insurance comes calling me.

I call VW Roadside and get my baby towed to Lindsay, just in time to pick up the Jetta from service before they close. In one VW and out another.