I Will Fax This Really Good for You!

26 01 2008

Oh man, I need to hire Andrew an intern.


Saturday Morning ‘Ha!’

26 01 2008

Has anyone seen this ad on TV yet? Where are they running this? This commercial’s right up there with ‘Berries and Cream.’

Download of the Day: Chromeo!!!!1!11!!one!!

24 01 2008

It’s been a looooong while since I made a music recommendation (circa March 2006) on the old blog. That’s not to say that I haven’t been encountering some great stuff—my iTunes recently eclipsed the 6,000 mark—because I have. I’ve just been incredibly lazy, but HOLY FUCKING SHITBALLS, this album Fancy Footwork by Chromeo is 110% worthy of a shout-out and the whateveritssummer stamp of approval.

Every song is great—far and away some of the best dance/party/rock out in your car/purely enjoyable music I’ve heard in a long time. These guys have distilled everything that is great about 80’s dance pop and have filtered out all the sugary aftertaste. This album is forty balls-out minutes of slap bracelets, Day-glo high-tops, big Whitney Houston hair, Cosby sweaters, keyboard ties, and 227 reruns. If Miami Vice were still on today, this is what Crockett and Tubbs would be blasting from their speedboat on their way to Hall and Oates’ sexy coke party at the Shore Club.

Bonus points for the sick album cover and for the nod to Rockwell on ‘Waiting 4 U.’ Get this album now.

Tastes Like Dookie, Part II

24 01 2008

Bird dookie this time.

Tastes Like Dookie

23 01 2008

Damn I miss my restaurant days, even the shitty Monday shifts and Sunday brunches.

I.F.H. MONDAY’S on FunnyOrDie.com

Any Friend of Andrew’s Is a Friend of Mine

9 01 2008

From: andrew.xxx@xxx.com
Date: 08 January 2008 23:20:42 EST
To: alger@xxx.xxx.edu

My friend told me that when he goes to Japan for business he introduces himself to people he meets as Larry Parallelogram, just to hear them strugle to say it. Sadistic? Yes. Brilliant? Yes.