And So It Begins

3 02 2008

These photos make two things clear:

  1. I have way too much shit.
  2. The move to Philly is now in full effect.

I’ve decided to do it right this time around—organizing stuff into labeled boxes by room. No more ‘throw it all into the car and hope for the best.’ Moving’s a bitch though, any way you cut it. I’ll be spending the two weeks before my move-in date at my brother’s McMansion while I get my job situation settled. Should be fun.

More to come.

Oh, and I found something for Ralphie.




One response

3 02 2008

Hopefully you won’t have to move all that shit in Barkley style…2am, drunk, not trying to wake the old people…

Is that a webelos kerchief?

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