Always Good for a Laugh

25 10 2008

I love this clip. Danny McBride and Foot Fist Way FTW. 


For Now…

23 10 2008

I promise, November 5, I will go back to being a giant child, drinking indiscriminately, making babies cry, and not giving a fuck.

But for now… I will, and urge everyone else—just because it really is important—please….

Give a fuck.

Dear Joe McCain…

23 10 2008

Fuck you. And your brother too.


Communist Country” aka “Fake Virginia

Something, Something, Something… Dark Side

20 10 2008

I rarely give in to being sanctimonious, nor do I consider myself overtly political. So please be kind and indulge me on this one (if not, I do have lighter fare). It’ll only happen once every four years, I promise.

15 days until Election Day.

Each day, count on the hate, fear, and ugliness from the darkest corners of our country to get worse and worse.

Republicans and the darkest, most depraved factions of their coalition see the possibility of defeat and are scared. They are scared that something is being taken away from them that is rightfully theirs and each day, we will see these fears manifest themselves in increasingly disgusting and degenerate displays of hate.

In fifteen days, you will be able to do something about it with your vote. You have an opportunity to put the genie back in the bottle and say—resoundingly—that this ugliness, this evil, is not American. With your vote you have an opportunity to put your foot down and say “enough” and that the American soul is good, is hopeful, and is willing to change for the better.

But these fifteen days before Election Day are our test.

It will get nastier. It will get uglier. And the temptation to retaliate in kind will get stronger. This is our test. Will we weather the storm or succumb to the urge?

Do we follow the example of Barack Obama? Do we keep our cool and forge ahead to November 4th in the coming days, or do we blow our tops like John McCain?

We only have to endure this for fifteen more days. Barack Obama has had to endure such negativity for 47 years.

This is our test. Pass or fail. You decide.

And remember, he’s been calling this all along: