Word of the Day

20 11 2008


And Summer Heights High is an amazing show.

‘I’m not sitting next to some random emo.’

‘I’m just surrounded by fucking bogan skanky bitches!’

‘I can’t help that I’m Asian!’


Obama and the Babies Who Love Him

19 11 2008

A bit sad that I didn’t notice this blog until now, but it’s cute.

On the other hand, since emails directing me to ‘cute’ links tend to get the good ole’ ‘stop-sending-me-dumb-shit-like-this-mom’ auto-delete, I really shouldn’t be surprised that I’m only seeing this now.

Slow Clap

19 11 2008

I’m not a huge fan of protesting and marching for shit, even if it’s for something I find important. I’ll leave that mess for others. But this sign tickled even my black, dispassionate soul.

Click for more?

So high five to my fellow gays willing to put their wit to poster board and walk around chanting.

As for preserving the sanctity of marriage, gay marriage bans don’t make much logical sense. Why don’t we ban divorces and make adultery a capital offense instead? I mean that’ll do the trick, right?

Mmmm Skoda Cake

16 11 2008

Skoda is a VW subsidiary that I always wished would be brought Stateside.

At a Loss

16 11 2008

What in the Chuck Norris hell is this?

Get to Know a Douchebag: Bill Kristol REMIX!

8 11 2008

Bill Kristol may lose his column at The New York Times should the paper decide not to renew his contract in January.

Reasons to can the bastard can be found here, here, and here.

A poll and discussion of potential worthy successors is here.

Ninja Cats Drive Toyota Corollas (Apparently)

7 11 2008

I would have gone with Volkswagen Sciroccos as the ninja cat’s preferred mode of transportation. They don’t even make those anymore (until now).

The ad’s not going to make me a fan of Toyotas any time soon, but hey, you give credit where it’s due.