Let’s Be Clear.

7 11 2008

I was going to leave well enough alone—until I realized that I never leave anything well enough alone—but a comment to this post brings up a worthy issue that bears fleshing out:

Hey, coming from a house where we love our [sic] cherish our daughter with special needs, I take great offense at your harsh words.

Okay, lucky you. You’re not retarded. You’ll be able to do things independently your whole life. Any reason why you need to point out that you’re so much smarter than those people over there with special needs? These people need your respect, not your ridicule. Haven’t we had enough of that those last four years??? How about a little decency and compassion for people doing the best they can.

At face value, most people would say, “Yeah! I agree. What’s with all the negativity? That’s not P.C.”

So let’s be perfectly clear here:

  1. Being born with special needs does not make you retarded.
  2. Assuming or calling someone who does have special needs a “retard” makes you—invariably—retarded.
  3. People with special needs have a much clearer worldview and a more uncontaminated sense of good than a whole host of people who have absolutely no particular mental or clinical impairment—myself included.
  4. You can not be BORN a retard—you have to earn it.
  5. People who supposedly have full mental/physical capacity and competency, yet still manage to become COMPLETELY ignorant, narrow-minded, fanatical, and angry people are retarded (see Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, Bill Kristol, Michelle Malkin).
  6. People who ARE ignorant, narrow-minded, fanatical, or angry despite supposedly having half a brain deserve to be called “retards.” It is a completely fitting observation of such people and has no bearing on or correlation to people with special needs.

So while I appreciate the concern and comment, taking knee-jerk umbrage to the word “retarded,” when it has nothing to do with your daughter, is retarded. It’s a word that has been grossly misapplied to our special-needs brothers and sisters when in reality, “retarded” is a grenade that should be thrown at those who live and act like they have no goddamn sense, per this helpful graphic:




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8 01 2009
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