In By the Buzzer! 2008’s Top Songs

31 12 2008


Best of lists are are always highly subjective, so I’m attempting a slightly more quantitative approach with mine. I created a smart playlist in iTunes that would filter for 2008 songs that had the highest play counts and received a five-star rating from me—basically answering the question, ‘Which 2008 songs did I enjoy the most and received the heaviest rotation?’

To correct for the inherent play count advantage songs released earlier in the year had on more recently released tracks, I took each songs’ play count and divided it by the amount of days it had been in my iTunes. My resulting Top 20 list shows the songs that have the highest average play count per days in iTunes.

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29 12 2008

My MacBook’s back, hooray!


But as you can tell from my Twitter feed, new fuckery has been thrown my way. Regardless, I WILL get the posts that I’ve been meaning to churn out before year’s end out the door—kicking and screaming if I have to.
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:::Sad Face:::

23 12 2008

Or maybe it’s this face that’s more like it:

MacBook Pro committed suicide. Being replaced under AppleCare (yay), Mac-less for 3-5 days (boo). Radio silence until then since the IBM DouchePad I’m using as a temporary machine blows donkey dick. Will have mini-updates via Twitterific until fully operational.

Back soon.

A Test of Endurance

18 12 2008

Can you get to the end of the video without scoffing, stopping, or shomiting (shomiting is where you are simultaneously vomiting and shitting your pants)?

But in all seriousness, what inner city kid DOESN’T dream of finding an enchanted voodoo Viewmaster that will rapture them to Canadian Guido Paradise Island?

I kid you not, this band is Canadian, despite all signs pointing to a long Jersey Shore heritage.

Cute Turned Up to 11

16 12 2008

It’s because of bands like Alphabeat that I think all of Scandanavia is one giant Charlie and the Chocolate Factory diorama come to life.

What is it about the Danish that they’re all so adorable? I swear you want to put this whole band in your pocket and break them out whenever someone’s being a bummer. Fuck Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft. If I ever feel down, I’ll just take a hit of Alphabeat. I dare you to watch the video with a straight face. If you don’t crack a smile at least once you’re stone cold dead inside.
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From the ‘Drafts’ Bin: Downloads of the Day: James Morrison and Paolo Nutini

16 12 2008

I’ve got a stack of posts sitting in my ‘Drafts’ bin that—for one reason or another—never made it to the big leagues. From now on, when it strikes my fancy, I’m going to dip into this bucket of castaways for worthwhile stuff—whether it’s because the post’s topic still applies or because I feel like mocking myself for something that was on my mind and seemingly blog-worthy back then.

This first pick is the former, originally from February 2007:
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You Stay Classy Chicago

9 12 2008

I could really use some big ass storage around here in DC right about now.