In By the Buzzer! 2008’s Top Songs

31 12 2008


Best of lists are are always highly subjective, so I’m attempting a slightly more quantitative approach with mine. I created a smart playlist in iTunes that would filter for 2008 songs that had the highest play counts and received a five-star rating from me—basically answering the question, ‘Which 2008 songs did I enjoy the most and received the heaviest rotation?’

To correct for the inherent play count advantage songs released earlier in the year had on more recently released tracks, I took each songs’ play count and divided it by the amount of days it had been in my iTunes. My resulting Top 20 list shows the songs that have the highest average play count per days in iTunes.

So which songs did I enjoy most in 2008?

20. ‘Troublemaker’ by Weezer

19. ‘Sexual Eruption’ by Snoop Dogg

18. ‘Leavin” by Jesse McCartney

17. ‘Crazy’ by Jem

16. ‘Funhouse’ by Pink

15. ‘Spaceman’ by The Killers

14. ‘We Break the Dawn’ by Michelle Williams

13. ‘Live Your Life’ by T.I.

12. ‘Girls Around the World’ by Lloyd

11. ‘Rock With U’ by Janet Jackson

10. ‘You Belong’ by Hercules and Love Affair

09. ‘Cold Shoulder’ by Adele

08. ‘Please Don’t Stop the Rain’ by James Morrison

07. ‘Boyfriend’ by Alphabeat

06. ‘Electric Feel’ by MGMT

05. ‘Listen to Your Body Tonight’ by Black Kids

04. ‘Mr. Carter’ by Lil’ Wayne

03. ‘Starstruck’ by Lady GaGa

02. ‘Magic’ by Robin Thicke

01. ‘Black and Gold’ by Sam Sparro

Honorable mention goes to two songs that I didn’t discover and fall in love with until this year, but actually came out in 2007. Kylie Minogue’s ‘Speakerphone’ from her 2007 album, X and VHS or Beta’s ‘Burn It All Down’ from their 2007 release, Bring on the Comets.




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