Lesbians Would Rather Solve Their Problems with a SWITCHBLADE!

7 02 2009


UPDATED: The video clip is back, bitches! Man, fuck YouTube.

Since gay marriage is the worst thing ever—forever and ever, AMEN—23/6 has a slick new DIY on how to stop the sinners from sinning their sinny-sin-sins.

I mean, what could be worse in an economic crisis than a bunch of well-off ‘mos with shitloads of disposable income (since we’re not off birthing new mouths to feed every four seconds like some people I know, THANKYOUVERYMUCH) pumping cash into the economy with tacky weddings, boozy Electric Slide-laden receptions, and insufferable honeymoons that will end up as slideshows for all your friends and family to awkwardly sit through?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to fit in gymnastics practice before my nine o’clock leather orgy.




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