About WiS


I love summer. The long days, the great weather, and the carefree spirit of those three special months.

‘Whatever, it’s summer’ is something a friend taught me in college. It was something he deadpanned whenever something crappy or awkward happened, regardless of the season. ‘Whatever, it’s summer’ always managed to deflate tension. I find myself feeling a lot like smiley up there when I keep these three words in mind.

‘Whatever, it’s summer’ works because it’s not about the time of year. It’s about shrugging off random trivialities and not taking life too seriously. It’s realizing that, at the end of the day, most lousy dramas thrown your way can be reduced from tragedy to ‘meh.’ Summer’s also when we get to spend more time catching up with friends, seeing movies, blasting music, discussing random events, sarcastically judging, and just plain dicking around. Why? Because it’s summer.

Now you know why this blog—scattershot and random as it is—is so named. It’s a daily reminder. 

Live like it’s summer.


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