Sorry, Sully, But The Jonas Brothers Actually Came First

23 03 2009

The Jonas Brothers (Real and South Park versions)

Andrew Sullivan—lamenting Rolling Stone’s slide into irrelevancy and smelling desperation—shakes his head at the cast of Gossip Girl landing a cover piece on the magazine, wondering aloud if The Jonas Brothers are next.
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7 03 2009


I’ve got no shortage of excuses for falling off with the blogging. Busy with work? Tennis? Twitter? Beautiful weather today? Take your pick.
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I Just Posted a Blog and I…

7 12 2008




I think ‘Dick in a Box’ has just been ousted as best SNL Digital Short ever. Honestly, the production quality in this short is beyond. It’s beyond beyond. The boys did Kanye better than Kanye does Kanye.

Bonus points to Andy Samberg for bringing in his Lonely Island crew. Jorma’s the other singer and Akiva’s the DJ in the background.

And yes, JT was the pervy janitor.

Word of the Day

20 11 2008


And Summer Heights High is an amazing show.

‘I’m not sitting next to some random emo.’

‘I’m just surrounded by fucking bogan skanky bitches!’

‘I can’t help that I’m Asian!’

What Now: Will We Give a Shit About ‘The View’ Anymore?

5 11 2008

Watching Sarah Palin’s twin tampon from another mother—Elisabeth Hasselbeck—blow her top and upset the stick in her ass ON THE DAILY during the campaign season has been recommended comedy viewing for the past year or so.

Now that ‘The Most Insane Election Evar!!11!! ’08’ in the books, will ABC’s clucking chickens still be something worth watching? Or is ‘The View’ doomed to irrelevancy until 2012? I’m not sitting around to find out, but forward any funny clips should they come up.

Always Good for a Laugh

25 10 2008

I love this clip. Danny McBride and Foot Fist Way FTW. 

You Want Long Hand Job?

6 03 2008

My favorite intern is at it again. I heart Cindy.