7 01 2009

A quick hit before bed. Enjoy.


Thanks to itsandrew—a pro at emailing keepers.


Don’t Know, Luigi, Storm Trooper, Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy (?), Mileena, Maria Sharapova (?)

6 01 2009


Sometimes, an article’s feature image is all it takes to reel me in.
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About as Perfect as Pranks Can Get

5 01 2009

Beautiful in its simplicity, brilliant in its execution. High five to the boys of The Invisible Rope.

A Test of Endurance

18 12 2008

Can you get to the end of the video without scoffing, stopping, or shomiting (shomiting is where you are simultaneously vomiting and shitting your pants)?

But in all seriousness, what inner city kid DOESN’T dream of finding an enchanted voodoo Viewmaster that will rapture them to Canadian Guido Paradise Island?

I kid you not, this band is Canadian, despite all signs pointing to a long Jersey Shore heritage.

For the Coolness Factor Alone

8 12 2008

YouTube videos can now be uploaded in widescreen (older news) and HD (a more recent development). This guy freddiew shows off the new capabilities nicely.

Today’s Favorite Distrations

3 12 2008

If NPH is in it, sign me up.

This guy Iman Crosson needs to be hired by SNL, like, NOW. It’s not just his Barack that’s good. His Morgan Freeman, Ludacris, Borat, and John Legend are spot-on and hilarious.

And who doesn’t love Mario Kart and love songs?

Obama and the Babies Who Love Him

19 11 2008

A bit sad that I didn’t notice this blog until now, but it’s cute.

On the other hand, since emails directing me to ‘cute’ links tend to get the good ole’ ‘stop-sending-me-dumb-shit-like-this-mom’ auto-delete, I really shouldn’t be surprised that I’m only seeing this now.