Post-MacWorld Keynote Roundup

6 01 2009


Lots of Apple-related posts today. I wonder why.

I’m not going to dwell too much on today’s keynote—plenty of outlets pretty much have it covered.

I do want to point out The Daily Beast, which—with three separate Apple-related stories—definitely had its sights set on MacWorld and the big news coming out of San Francisco today.
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Don’t Know, Luigi, Storm Trooper, Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy (?), Mileena, Maria Sharapova (?)

6 01 2009


Sometimes, an article’s feature image is all it takes to reel me in.
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Hack Your Apple Genius Bar Visits

6 01 2009


If you own Apple hardware, chances are you’ve paid a visit to an Apple Genius Bar at least once for service, repairs, or support. As slick and reliable as Apple gear is, they’re still complex electronic devices, bound to bug out, die, or fail on occasion. Credit Apple for developing a generally well-structured and friendly in-person support system in the form of the Genius Bar. They typically try to make your visits as painless as possible, and, when compared to the competition, are still the standard bearer in terms of convenience and quality of service (don’t worry, there’s a ‘but’ coming).


As Apple, Inc. continues to grow, gaining market share and converting new customers, Genius Bar visits have steadily grown to be—at times—complicated and troublesome affairs. Add to the fact that Mac Geniuses now deal with all manners of iGadgets in addition to servicing computers, and Apple’s got the ingredients for a potentially fine mess on their hands. It’s the nature of the beast: as your organization and portfolio expands, you’ve got more clients to manage and speed bumps to smooth over. I haven’t always been so so sanguine on the subject:

I don’t know if you’ve been to an Apple Store lately, but one of the drawbacks of the company’s newfound hipness is all the blazing idiots you have to deal with to get anything done in one.

A couple days before Christmas Eve—in a bizarre parallel to an episode almost two years prior—my MacBook Pro’s logic board failed. Luckily, my data was safe since I had JUST backed it up. Bases were also covered financially, as the MBP was still covered under AppleCare. The only real headache would involve competing with the rest of the crushing Holiday masses ON TOP OF the usual, perpetually-busy Apple Store traffic—all scrambling simultaneously for time and attention. My two less-than-ideal options were A) wait it out or B) face the crowds. Since the prospect of being unable to work on projects outweighed my white-hot distaste for being anywhere near malls and shopping centers on big Holidays, I decided to suck it up and go with option B.

Rather than bemoan Apple’s overtures to the mass market (growth is good, right?), I have—from time spent learning the hard way—worked out some tricks that help make my visits to the Genius Bar less ‘God-awful-shoot-me-now-who-the-hell-are-these-people-anyway’ nightmares to more ‘well-that-could-have-been-worse-who’s-up-for-Jamba-Juice?’ affairs.

Hints and hacks after the jump.
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I’ll Buy Anything If It’s Shiny and Made by Apple

6 01 2009


Listen, this Onion parody may be a 99.999% okay, fine, 100% accurate depiction of Mac geeks, but I’d take an Apple fanboy over a Star Wars cosplay diehard any day of the week.

As for furries, they can stay.

Video after the jump. And you know what? I don’t care if you’ve already been emailed this video. You’re gonna watch it again, kay?

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26 04 2008

It’s not what it looks like.

Well, it looks like I’m installing Windows on my Mac, so I guess it’s exactly what it looks like. Heresy, you say? Just hear me out.

There are a few things I would like to do on my laptop that are currently impossible without running Bill Gates’ Devil Spawn.

  1. Netflix’s ‘Watch Instantly’ feature—where you can watch movies online—is currently cock-blocked to Apple peeps.
  2. And VAG-COM—a tool to plug into VW and Audi cars’ computer system to run system diagnostics and adjust features—is also a non-starter for me at the moment.

Hence me installing VMware Fusion to make these two worthwhile resources available.

I go Glenn Coco!

Can’t… Resist… Nerd Tractor Beam… Too Strong

14 02 2008

I am effing sold!

Who’s coming with?? It runs from 9 Feb-4 May in Philly.

Let Me Just Grab My Starbucks, iPhone, and We Can Ride Out In My VW…

5 12 2007

‘VW fans and Apple fans overlap pretty well (picture a Venn Diagram with Batman on one circle and Bruce Wayne on the other), and will be willing to purchase any type of iCar that will eventually be sloshed forth from the combined loins.’

Sad, but true. I love both my Dub and iPhone (hip yuppie douchebag connotations aside). Read more from Gizmodo.